Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Should i put lotion on a healing wound?

It's drying up and bunching and tightening the skin around it. If i open up my hands (ex. to do a high-five), it tears and bleeds. How do i keep it from drying up?Or is this just part of the healing process?
keep neosporin on it and keep it bandaged. Wash it out 2 times a day with soapy water and redress the would. This should make the healing process a lot slower but a lot less painful. and when you do have a scar use mederme to clear it right up. Or you can always wash it out with saline solution. This gets rid of all the crusties and proceed with the dressing.KEEP IT CLEAN!
You need to use vaseline.
try using a liquid bandage on the actual open wound, and then use petroleum jelly overnight, if you can stand it, to seal in moisture. mosy lotions contain a lot of other stuff you may not want seeping through the cracks - could be painful.
Don't put lotion on it! If its still bleeding it not healed yet. How big is the cut by the way? "tearing and bleeding" is making it sound big.
I wouldn鈥檛 advise putting lotion in or around a cut like that. You could probably find some sort of antibiotic ointment to put on it. That would help keep it from drying up so much and cracking, and it would help prevent infection.
you should keep some thing like triple antibiotic on it with a bandage to fit over the sore till it heals you need to keep the skin soft and not allow it to dry out or it will continue to bleed and tear and it will keep it from getting infected so keep it covered with neosporion on it or triple antobitic and when it is healed you can tell you won't need those any more
use vasiline or maybe dettol.

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