Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Should stitches hurt?

I had a couple of moles removed on my back today and had stitches. They sting now quite a lot and I was wondering if this is normal? I am a bit worried about splitting them by picking things up and such.
If you only had them removed today, you mave have had a local anaesthetic, in which case it has worn off, and you are feeling what has been done - which is surgery; an invasive procedure - you were cut in order to remove the moles.
Think about it; if you got those cuts accidentally, they would also hurt or sting for a few days.
you will have a little discomfort for a couple of days allright, but it should not be a huge problem. You could try taking something like Neurofen tonight to help reduce any inflammation or swelling; and also take Arnica, the homeopathic remedy for internal bruising for the next few days - I have used it for years, and found it to be really effective in reducing bruising.
And be kind to yourself for a few days - the body has had a bit of a shock - no matter how minor surgery is, you need time to get better. the stitches are fine, they won't burst; they may just feel a bit tight in a day or so.
yeh they shud
They would of adviced you not to pick up heavy things ect if there was any concern. It will sting and be sore for a few days yet.
Hope it gets better soon. x
yes its quite normal, its the tightening of the skin? just be care-full of what you lift because you could bust them? have you got a plaster over them? if you have when its time to have them removed ,that is if there not dissolving stitches, remove the plaster prior to going to have them removed, because some doctors think its like a hair waxing system and just rip it off? i know Ive had it done,and they also administered the stitches without any anaesthetic..yowwwwccchhh,yes it hurt?
They might sting and itch while the incision heals. I would hold off on any activity that might tear the stitches.
It will be a bit sore but i think that is just normal they will get better soon and they should not split or anything so dont worry. hope you feel better soon x
Very sensible. To be honest they do often sting. What usually hurts the most is the stuff they use to spray the wound. It will be a very small cut. Just go a bit easier for a couple of days, I'm sure the doc would have told you if they were in an awkward place.
yep they hurt
if the doctor who put the stiches in is a good one then they shouldnt split. it is normal for stitches to hurt for a little while because they are holding the broken tissue together whilst it is healing. it just takes time.
its sore on your back.
i know how you feel, had a mole removed from my neck in feb! it stings for the first day or so but afterwards it just becomes a minor irritation while it heals!! the stitches should be fine if your doc has done a good job.
Nuthin like a little bit of pain to let you know you're still alive but that's o.k. because it only hurts 'til the pain goes away!
try putting vaseline on the skin so it doesnt pull the stitches when you move (this also works for tattoos)

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  1. yesterday i got 5 stitches on my finger from getting it slammed in a car door and i have to type one handed, but i have to levitate mine as much as possible, i know ur pain and hpou u feel better =)


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